Mitsubushi VS-5051 sound but no picture

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Mitsubushi VS-5051 sound but no picture

Can anyone help me please as i have a Mitsubshi VS-5051 tv, it has sound but i get a wavy color line in the centre of the tv, as anyone experienced this issue and if so how did you repair this problem.

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This site is just bullsh*t

This site is just bullsh*t and have no idea why it has even been created as no one really helps anyone...Techlore why have you created this sit?


The TechLore Team
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Jazz64, sorry that you haven

Jazz64, sorry that you haven't yet received the answer that you are looking for and are disappointed.

However, in our defense, in just a few months of existence, we have already answered directly well over 150 personalized questions ("Ask The Experts") from the community as well as numerous questions in the forums at no cost to our community members.

While we are working feverishly to build up the community, we realize that it is going to take time, and not everyone will be answered in a timely manner. Our hope is that people such as yourself can be patient with us as we try to get as many questions answered as we can with very limited resources.

That being said, while your question is a good one, your specific problem is probably best answered by a TV repair shop or the manufacturer.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out so that you can help the next person that has the problem.


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