My television has sound but no picture.

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My television has sound but no picture.

I have a 19 in Sanyo Television that has sound but no picture. Any ideas as to what is wrong with it?? Thanks

Matt Whitlock
I'll answer your question

I'll answer your question with a question. What steps have you already done to troubleshoot the problem? I'd hate to go over the obvious stuff if you've already tried it.

Guest (not verified)
Same problem with my Sharp 27

Same problem with my Sharp 27". Picture started on again off again a week or so ago, going to a fine horizontal line when not working correctly. Single horizontal line is all there is now of screen. As far as troubleshooting on mine. I will admit I am new at working on this sort of thing.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Matt, Any info you haave

Any info you haave would be appreciated. Thanks!

I have the same problem as

I have the same problem as TerriO, and I can't figure out what's wrong with it. It would be fine for a while, and then out of nowhere, it would scruch into horizontal lines, and then black out. The sound plays on, but there's not picture for a while, and then all of a sudden, the picture comes back on. What do I do???

I also have the same problem

I also have the same problem as these guys...there is sound but no picture, and even if you hook up a vcr to it, still nothing..what do i do?

I can't beleive you guys. You

I can't beleive you guys. You think that we can help you just by providing with so vague  info about your sets, you seem to me that you have no idea what tv repair is all about.

Im a teenager, of course i

Im a teenager, of course i dont know anything about tv repair..

Larry Dillon
This is a generic answer for

This is a generic answer for all of you guys and gals here for the TV sets with out a picture or intermittant picture but has sound..  If your TV set has no picture and has sound, it could be a number of differant problems that can happen with a solid state TV set.  First thing we need to say is that if you have no experience working on solid state printed circuit boards, CALL A PRO!  These TV sets are not like the past types where you could replace a tube or a board and fix the TV.  These TV sets have to be repaired to the component level, and that means you all will first need to know what the differant components are on the circuit boards as well as know and have the knowledge on how every circuit works in this TV set. These TVs are not a place to be experiementing around inside of.  Now for the person with the set comming on then the picture colapsing to a line, then the picture goes out.  You most likely have a problem in the vertical sweep circuit.  There is a bad vertical output IC, a bad connection in the vertical output IC, a bad waveshaper or coupling capacitor or a problem somewhere in the sweep power supply that feeds the voltage to the vertical circuit.  To all the rest of you  with a no picture but you have sound, you could have a bad connection or a fault on the CRT driver board, a problem also with the sweep power supply , bad connections or a faulty component in the picture tube filliment circuit, a problem in the boost voltage for the CRT, a vertical sweep problem, or maybe a problem in the video circuit.  Good luck to all of you , but please remember, a tV set is a dangerous place to be experiementing with, play it safe. 

Mrs.Barbara Davis
I hired a Washington,D.C. law

I hired a Washington,D.C. law firm on August 31,2012
and we have 18 hdtv's made by Sanyo in our Ranch Home
outside Tucson,Arizona and the head lawyer feels their
may be a need to file a class action lawsuit over this
problem that Sanyo has to know they have with their hdtv's
and other type tv's.All of mine lost their picture but,have great sound.P.S.-All 18 are Sanyo (VIZON)33"-All of them are in our basement now since we had 18 new new HDTV's
Mrs.Barbara Davis

Morrow TV Mensa
Hi Mrs Davis,

Hi Mrs Davis,

What kind of TV's are they? LCD, Plasma,? etc..

Knowing this info I can tell you the root causes
of this type of fault symptom...


i have a question i have

i have a question i have never done this before so please bare with me i have an rca rear projection tv model number d52w20 chassis number atc221. i have had this tv for 9 years and it worked perfect until yesterday all of a sudden the picture went black i have sound and the tv turns off and on just fine can this be fixed or should i just get a new tv

I've read all the comments...

I've read all the comments....My Sanyo does the same thing with the picture going black but has sound. It cuts on and off.


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