"possessed TV"

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"possessed TV"

Hello: I have a 4 year old Philips 32PT71B (32"). It has given me no problems until after a power outage about 2 weeks ago. Now, the TV volume meter shows up on its own will occasionally dial down, but usually dials up to the loudest setting, even with the batteries removed from both the TV and cable remotes. When the volume would rise, I'd hold down the volume on both remotes so as to not wake up my neighbors! The same thing happens with the brightness. To turn off the TV, I have to turn off the surge protector or unplug the TV from the wall. Otherwise, it'd keep turning on on its own. Today, the M Link and Menu options appear on and off, spontaneously. And now the power shuts on and off spontaneously. If anyone has any suggestions on how I might salvage this TV, I'd appreciate it! (Could it have been a power surge that affected the Smart Sound/Picture??) -Eugene

Matt Whitlock
I find it unlikely that there

I find it unlikely that there is a problem with the Smart Sound/Picture features. However, the power outage did cause an electronic problem that will need to be repaired. You should call a service center and schedule a service call. Or, if the TV is really possessed, you should call a priest.


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