RCA rs 1285 CD tray won't close

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RCA rs 1285 CD tray won't close

I'm new here, I don't know much about fixing electronics at all. All I know is that the cd drawer/tray will not close. It attempts to close, it makes a grinding sound, but it will not close. Anyone know what I can do to fix this? I'm hoping that this is a do-it-yourself type of a problem.


Matt Whitlock
Hi DH, welcome to TechLore!

Hi DH, welcome to TechLore! What do you think of our site?

About your CD player... A grinding noise is a dead giveaway that there is a mechanical problem. In many cases, a gear has either slipped or broken off, or something is jammed in the way of the drawer.

Unplug, and remove the lid of the CD player. Find a space with a good light source and plug the unit back in. Becareful not to touch any of the electronic components. Observe the mechanical parts while trying to close the drawer. You should be able to tell where the noise is coming from, and what may be causing it.

If a part is broken, you'll need to either take the unit to a service center or replace it. If a band or gear has slipped, you should be able to work things back together. If something is jamming the drawer open, remove the obstacle.

Post back with what you find...

Hello,I just wanted to let


I just wanted to let you know that I had the very same thing happen, and it indeed was a CD stuck behind the tray.

What had happened is that I had all CD trays filled, and had played one. If you select, "Open Tray," the stupid machine doesn't place the played CD back in the tray before it slides out!

So, what theoretically happened is the tray had an open spot, so I placed a different CD in it(I totally forgot that there was still the original CD in the "play" position). Then, the machine placed the extra CD on TOP of the new CD I just put in there, and the next time I tried to open the tray, the extra CD slid behind the tray and wouldn't close.

Oh, it tried, but gave this horrid grinding noise and opened and closed for a long time before I thought to open the top to see.

Alas, I lost a CD, as it was badly scratched, but I learned my lesson!

I hope this helps!

I lost the instructions to my

I lost the instructions to my RCA RS 1285. Anyone know how to change the time on the darn thing?

LOL! Help!

Matt Whitlock
Here's how you set the time

Here's how you set the time for your system. (Excerpt from user manual for RS1285)
1. Press CLOCK until the time flashes on the display (12-hour clock for RCA, 24-hour clock for Thomson).
2. Press TUNING UP or DOWN to set the hour and
then press PRESET UP/ DOWN to shift to minute
3. Press TUNING UP or DOWN to set the minute.
4. Press SET to save settings and STOP to quit setting.

Note: When system is ON, you can press CLOCK to
display the current time for about 2 seconds.

Good luck!

Hello Editor....

Hello Editor....

I also have an RCA RS1285.... I have LOST my manual... ANY IDEA IF I CAN GET ONE ON LINE???   How is best to replace my manual?

ANything to avoid cleaning my house to SEARCH for it?!!?


Larry Dillon
Here ya go. Hope this helps

Here ya go. Hope this helps you. Let us know if this helps you sort out your problem. http://support.rca.com/doc/Device_Doc...

Larry... THANK YOU!!  I am

Larry... THANK YOU!!  I am NOW enjoying a "series" of CD's of Christmas music THANKS TO YOU!!  :-)


Larry Dillon
Good to hear my freind, were

Good to hear my freind, were here anytime to help out our old as well as the new members. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

music lover
My CD player won't open when

My CD player won't open when I press the bottom on top. I did get it to open by pushing the play/pause button on the front (go figure). So I put a CD in and played it. Now it won't open up with either button. When I push the open/close button on the CD player, there is no sound or movement inside. Any idea where I can find a service center in Seattle?

so i have an RCA rs2653 and

so i have an RCA rs2653 and my cd tray won't close either..but i dont think there is a cd stuck in it because it only happened one day after the power went out...when the power came back on, the tray was trying to close but it just goes in a little ways then opens again. i opened it and looked at it the best i could, but i dont know what to do. help please!!

Dawn B
Matt, I came here looking for

Matt, I came here looking for instructions to program the cd player with. I figured the cd player was a goner. Thanks to you, it took me longer to remove and replace the case screws than it did to remove the hidden CD jammed under the disc changer! Thanks again!! :)


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