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Television Problem

Sunday morning when I turned on my 6 year old 35" JVC I was confronted with a horizontal line about 1/2 inch wide across the screen. changing channel, truning off and on - no help. Afer about 5 minutes, the line started to flicker and widen. After about 20 minutes, the picture was normal.

Same problem this morning. So somebody tell - Is it replacment time or is this something that can be fixed for a reasonable price.



Matt Whitlock
Clyde, There was another


There was another forum thread about the same problem as you're describing. According to another community member, your problem may relate to the vertical IC chip in the TV.

Hit the side of the TV... like how we used to fix stuff in the "olden days". If the image fills out you should have the pins resoldered on the vertical IC. If that does not work, then the vertical IC wil need to be replaced.

Of course, the only way to be sure is to have the TV inspected by a TV technician. Service centers usually charge 70 to 100 dollars for an in-home service call, or 30-40 for a carry-in quote. Whether or not this is reasonable really depends on you. Read "How to Determine if you Should Repair a Broken Device" to help you decide what to do


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