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broken tv

ok i have a 5 month old emerson i went to turn it on and nothing so we checked the fuse it was blown put in a new one and it blew when we pluged it back in whats wrong with my tv

i have a emerson ewf2704 i

i have a emerson ewf2704 i just bought in feb. we had a power surge now the tv will no longer come on we put a new fuse in and it keeps blowing the fuses is it worth taking in to have repaired or not?????

Matt Whitlock
Considering the TV is only 5

Considering the TV is only 5 months old, it should still be covered under the Emerson factory warranty (1 year parts & labor, 3 years on the picture tube itself). However, it is possible that they will not cover damage from power surges.

If residing in the USA, call 1-800-909-1240 for Emerson customer service. They will be able to guide you from there. Or, visit the store that you purchased if from.

If it turns out they will not cover it, and the repair cost equals more than 2/3 the current retail value, I'd call it a loss and purchase a new, better TV... as well as a surge protector.

Read the article "Protecting Your Home Theater System" to learn more about surge protectors.


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