nothing but pixel lines on our new tv!

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nothing but pixel lines on our new tv!

We bought a Sony KF-50WE620 in April and were very pleased with it. We had some work done on our home about 3 weeks ago and while they were working our tv picture screen was nothing but blue,green,and red pixel stripes. Later in the day the picture was fine. Came home from Vacation this week and picture was fine first day, but nothing but pixel stripes second day. Called Sony and they told me to unplug it to reset itself overnight. Next morning picture back again until I unplugged tv during an electrical storm. Now it is nothing but colorful pixel stripes again. What is wrong with this tv? Sonys recommended service center is an hour away and they do not do house calls. Please help!

Matt Whitlock
Carter, This certainly is a


This certainly is a pickle for you. Unfortunately, the TV is in need of service, so one way or another you're going to have to get a repair guy in front of it. Sony's "recommended" service center is an hour away, but have you tried contacting the store where you purchased it? Oftentimes they will have procedures in place to help you should your require service.

Give them a shout and post back with what you find out.


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