Sony KP-43HT20 - No power

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carolina Tony
Sony KP-43HT20 - No power

Any chance there is a fuse somewhere that I can check?...It was playing and a small storm came through...then nothing and will not power back up...DVD, etc...all still working that were plugged into same power source.

im not an expert, i have a 61

im not an expert, i have a 61" kp61v25 it turned off on me also and wouldnt turn on. i had a technician stop by and it turned out to be a fuse on the "convergance board" it has 2 or 3 fuses. the board was replaced and it started up just fine after that. i then started to think "maybe just the fuses had to be replaced?" but the tv guy had finished and the entire board was replaced. hopefully this will help u.

Hi I have a Sony KV-32TW78

Hi I have a Sony KV-32TW78 and couple night ago the same problem happen to us - We were watching the tv and boom the it turned off by itself. No power no indication of light nothing. I did called a Sony Technician and they told me to do basically all the procedures that you guys are talking about. I'm very hand guy which most of the time I fix anything from vcr's to computers to wash machines to dryer etc.., However, not ever had problem with tvs it seems to me that I'm stock or perharps its time for a new tv. I 'm going to test the fuses maybe I'm lucky if not I called a Sony service tech today and they already want $ 350 to take the tv bring to ther shop but no guarantee that the problem will get fixed. Any of you have any suggestions on the subject matter? Thanks for your cooperation.


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