broken interior connections

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broken interior connections

Hi! this is a great site. Because of you we have a television that works,somewhat! The cable connection inside is broken. Is it possible to solder the connection & if so how long do I need the tv turned off before I attempt it? Any thoughts would be wonderful.

Thanks Annie

Matt Whitlock
Hello annie, I'm pleased you

Hello annie, I'm pleased you like our site. Please tell everyone you know about us.

It may be possible to resolder the cable connection, provided nothing else near the board is broken. It may be easiest if you purchase a new connector at a local Radio Shack or other electronic parts store.

For the record, I never recommend that anyone repairs a TV if they have no experience in the electronics field. (I'll save you the speech, since this is about the easiest DIY repair you can make) But, if you've already decided you're going to try, then make safety your #1 priority.

Leave the TV off for 12 to 24 hours, though some parts can hold an electrical charge for much longer than that. While you're working inside the set, be careful not to touch anything with your hands. Not only could oil residues from your hand damage certain components, but you could get a VERY upleasant zap... and we like our members to NOT have high-voltage electrical charges running through their bodies. Really... it's probably our favorite thing in the world.

If you do indeed try, please photo-document the process, and we'll help you create an experience article on TechLore so that you can share this with all the other TechLore members.


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