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Andrea Robinson

I am having the worst experience with my mp3 players. I have had 3 over the past 2 years and I am about to give up.
The one I have now is the whistler mp3 3830
It did allow me to transfer music that I downloaded from a cd that I purchased. I also purchased music directly from the internet using windows media 10 and when I try to synchronize this music it says my device does not support protected content. When I checked the license of the music it says it can be synched an unlimited amount of times. What am I doing wrong.

Just an addition to the

Just an addition to the previous cry for help...
in Windows media 10 it says that I have encountered and uknown error. when I try to synch for music match it says that my device does not support protected content....

Matt Whitlock (not verified)
Music that you purchase from

Music that you purchase from most on-line music stores like MSN Music, Music Match, and Wal-Mart Music, only offer DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected music files. Your player must specifically be set up to play DRM protected files. Unfortunately, from what I can gather, the Whistler 3830 is not capable of this.

Your player will play non-protected files just fine. This means that CDs you rip and such will play just fine. To play the song you bought, you could try burning it in CD format, then re-ripping it as an unprotected music file. The quality will suffer, but it's worth a shot.

If you have recently purchased this player, you may want to consider returning it for something that can play DRM protected content. Look for Microsoft's "Plays for Sure" logo, and you won't run into this problem again.

Matt, I don't know how to

I don't know how to reply to you directly but I just wanted to say thank you.......

Matt Whitlock
You're more than welcome

You're more than welcome Andrea. Make sure you tell everyone you know about how great TechLore is. Spread the word!

If you buy a new MP3 player, I can help you write a review on it for the rest of the community. I'm sure everyone would love to learn more about what you get.


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