JVC dv camcorder model GR-D250U

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JVC dv camcorder model GR-D250U

I need some help please! I recently bought a new JVC dv camcorder, but I have several problems (one is that I don't know much about electronics) - first, my computer is kind of old and doesn't have any port for a firewire cable, but the camcorder can only use a firewire and not a USB cable.
Second, I want to be able to burn the movies onto a dvd - but I only have a cd burner. That won't burn cd's also, will it? Is it possible to install a new cd burner?

Matt Whitlock (not verified)
Setting up your computer to

Setting up your computer to transfer video can be done fairly easily. For starters, you can add an IEEE-1394 (firewire) card to your computer. These cards run between 30 and 50 bucks. They snap into an open PCI slot on your computer's motherboard.

Second, you will need to add or replace your CD burner with one capable of writing to DVD. These are known as DVD burners. These can run between 40 and 150 dollars depending on features, speed, and quality.

If you have a computer running Windows XP, installing these items is fairly simple, but you may want to recruit a friend or family member that knows a thing or two about computers to help you install it. If you're running an older OS, like Windows 98 or 2000, it will be harder to do because there will be many additional software elements you'll need to install before the hardware will function properly. I still wouldn't classify it as difficult, but it will take a little longer to get going.

You can, of course, take your computer to store and have them install upgrades, but doing it yourself saves you the labor cost.

You'll be able to purchase these components at any computer store (CompUSA, Fry's), office store (Office Max, Office Depot), electronics store (Best Buy, Circut City), or online computer hardware retailer (NewEgg.com, MWave.com)

Don't hesitate to ask further questions should you have them.

Thanks!Just to clarify: If I


Just to clarify: If I add the IEEE-1394 card to my computer, that adds the port, right? So that I can plug the firewire in? (and how do I know if I have an open PCI slot?)

Do you know if it's possible to add that onto a laptop, or is everything there usually already filled?

Thanks again!

Matt Whitlock (not verified)
The IEEE-1394 add-on card ads

The IEEE-1394 add-on card ads the ports necessary to connect firewire devices like your camcorder. The PCI version of the card is for desktop computers. I'd be willing to bet that you have an open PCI slot, but you may want to open the PC case and look at the main board just to be sure. Here's what a PCI slot looks like:

Notebook computers work a little different than desktops. To add IEEE-1394 ports to your notebook, you'll need to purchase a similar accessory, but it will be in the shape of a PCMCIA card rather than a PCI card. PCMCIA cards are easily removeable sealed devices, while PCI cards look like a computer board. Here's some images of each:

PCI Card


You really won't be able to use the same upgrade on both computers, so you'll have to pick which computer you're going to edit video on. I'd go with whichever one is faster, more updated, etc.

Thanks for the pictures!

Thanks for the pictures! Very helpful.

Does this accomplish teh same thing? Or would I need a firewire port to install this in the first place? (I can't find anything in the description about that!)

Amazon Product Link

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Matt Whitlock (not verified)
No, that's not what you need.

No, that's not what you need. A hub breaks out 1 USB or firewire port into many, but you'll still need to have the PCI or PCMCIA card to provide the capability in the first place.

Have you decided if you're going to upgrade your desktop or your notebook? I'll provide a link to a recommended product at Amazon. Trust me, I haven't steered anyone wrong thus far.

Matt Whitlock (not verified)
Oh, whichever computer you

Oh, whichever computer you choose, I'll need to know which version of Windows it's running. Windows 98, 2000, XP, etc. I'll check for compatibility before I recommend something.

I'll be upgrading the desktop

I'll be upgrading the desktop. I have Windows XP.

Matt Whitlock (not verified)
Okay, here's the one I would

Okay, here's the one I would pick if it were me: PCI FireWire Card.

It should work in your computer just fine, and it's just over $25 bucks, so you get free super saver shipping from Amazon.

:-) I'll try that. Thanks so

:-) I'll try that.

Thanks so much for all your help! I greatly appreciate it.

I purchased a firewire to USB

I purchased a firewire to USB cable and connected my camcorder to the PC USB connection.

It gives the error message as Device is not recognized by the PC. I have Windows XP sp2. Do I need any software to transfer the data from the tape to the PC. How can I make my Camcorder to get recognized by the PC.

i have a problem with my JVC

i have a problem with my JVC 250U how can i transfer my video in my camcorder to my cumputer laptop, what shall i do then, i want to use again my mini cassette for my other project please tell me what to do. thank you very much


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