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Musicmatch problem

MusicMatch :BEWARE OF THE AUTOMATIC UPGRADE as it can kill your WMA files that you previously downloaded.

Spent three weeks in tech support hell to finally get this answer. Hope it helps!

Background: Spent the last three weeks trying to get my MusicMatch and music working again after they upgraded me to 10.00.4015. Basically, I bought the lifetime upgrade which I thought would be a good feature and who would have "thunk" that an upgrade to the software could break the music files. Well it can.

Been a fan for some time of the sofware and have about 60 gigs worth of music in my system. Player works great other than the upgrade ! I must say the Tech Support was atrocious even at a premier level of purchasing they don’t have a number or place you can check the status of your requests.

Basically, the recent upgrade killed a ton of the music that I had download as it was WMA protected.

I have lost a lot of hair trying to get this answer and I hope it helps keep others from this same issue.

The Windows Media Digital Rights Management license store on your computer may be corrupt or not installed properly. In this case, Musicmatch Jukebox is not able to install the licenses necessary for you to play Musicmatch Downloads tracks.

The following procedure describes the steps that will remove a corrupted Microsoft Windows Media Digital Rights Management (DRM) license store to a new state:

1. Close Musicmatch Jukebox and any other open applications.

2. Turn on the Show hidden files and folders option in Windows. The following steps may be slightly different depending on your operating system:

- Start Windows Explorer.
- Click "Tools".
- Select "Folder Options".
- Click the "View" tab.
- Within the "Advanced Settings" box".
- Under "Hidden files and folders", select "Show hidden files and folders" (if it is not already selected).
- Uncheck the "Hide protected operating system files" checkbox.
- Click the "OK" button.

3. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the DRM folder on your hard disk. This folder is typically located in the following directory (as appropriate to your operating system), where the letter C indicates the drive on which Windows is installed:

Windows XP and Windows 2000:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\

Windows 98 and Windows ME:

TIP: You can copy the path above and paste it into Internet Explorer Address bar to go right to the folder.

4. Rename the DRM folder to DRMBACKUP. To do so, please do the following:

- Right-click the DRM folder, and select "Rename".
- Type DRMBACKUP, and then press ENTER.
- Minimize this Windows Explorer.

5. Once this is done, you will able to license your Musicmatch Downloads tracks for burning, playback and transfer to supported devices. To license the tracks, please do the following:

- Open Musicmatch Jukebox.
- Log in to your Musicmatch Downloads account.
- Play your purchased track again to obtain the proper license.

Please let us know if the problem continues.

Technical Support

VERSION = 10.00.4015MMD”

Matt Whitlock (not verified)
Excellent info AZBoy! Truly

Excellent info AZBoy! Truly helpful for those who use MusicMatch. I'd like to have this as an article for the site over a thread in the forums. Would you be willing to do this?

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Matt Whitlock

AZBOY! I truely appriciate

AZBOY! I truely appriciate this post and has solved the problem that's been really annoying me for the last day and a half. I searched all over the web for hours trying to find this solution. You are truely appricated my friend. Thanks - Brian.


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