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MP3 Display

When I turn on my MP3 player it has Voice Record and Time Remaining on the display. How can I get this off?

Tie Guy
Hi Happie! I see you're new

Hi Happie! I see you're new to TechLore. It's a really cool site, and just about everyone seems really friendly. Matt Whitlock and Ron Repking answer most of the questions around here, but I try to help others where I can.

So, if I were Matt or Ron, the first thing I'd tell you is that no one can help you without knowing what kind of MP3 player you have. Not that we don't want to help you, but it's really hard when you don't tell us anything. BTW: Have you looked in your manual for help before posting your question?

Thanks Tie Guy. I have a

Thanks Tie Guy. I have a ScanDisk Digital audio Player. If I could just get back to the radio feature, I'd be happy.

Ron Repking (not verified)
Hi, Happie! First, I'm

Hi, Happie! First, I'm assuming that you have a "SanDisk" player, not ScanDisk. ScanDisk is something that you do to your computer, but that's another thread entirely...

Anyway, it looks like you've put your MP3 player into "Voice Record" mode and can't get it out. You should be able to do this by pressing the A<->B button which is located to the right of the "Hold" button. This button toggles between the FM Radio, MP3 player, and voice record modes. Try that and let us know what happens.


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