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shaky hands

I have a condition called muscular dystonia, a rare neurological condition that makes my hands shake. I'd love to get a digital camera, but I need a way of dealing with my shaky hands.

I've heard of steadicam features for high-end video cameras. I haven't been able to find a still camera with a similar feature.

How would folks here reccomend I deal with this? Is there a camera with a helpful feature? Do I adjust the shutter speed? Does Photoshop have any helpful filters?

Tie Guy
I'm not familiar with any

I'm not familiar with any cameras tha have a "steady shot" like feature, but that doesn't mean one doesn't exist.

To make life easier, have you ever thought about getting one of those portable tripods? That would at least solve the shaky problem.

Yeah, though I'm mostly

Yeah, though I'm mostly interested in candid shots or snapshots. Tripods tend to reduce spontaneity. Even small ones are a bit of a pain to carry around, I think.

Ross Johnson
Check this out, a homemade

Check this out, a homemade steady-cam. Granted, this is as much a pain to lug around as a tripod, but it requires less setup time.

Written for video cameras, but I don't see why the same couldn't apply to stills.

Tie Guy
I had a few other random

I had a few other random thoughts about this. I remembered seeing a picture of someone that had a funky contraption that held up the camera, and then I realized I saw it at TechLore! This could be an option... you won't have to carry a tri-pod or even the camera!

jstoner, you actually had my second idea. We know camcorders often add some kind of image stabilizer, so why not use a small digital camcorder as your camera? There are many models that take nice pictures.

Olympus and several other

Olympus and several other manufacturers offer image stabilization in their still cameras.

Most have it so far down the 'feature list' that you won't even find it mentioned on the box. You should get help from one of the better camera specialty stores where they know their products!

Oh, and I saw the second part

Oh, and I saw the second part of your question: the answer is also 'yes.'

Focus Magic is a PhotoShop plug-in that corrects both motion blur and out-of-focus blur. It does a fantastic job.

I think the faster the

I think the faster the shutter speed, the less problem you would have.


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