No volume on my old 1989 rca tv HELP SOMeONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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No volume on my old 1989 rca tv HELP SOMeONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

By me123 | Today

ok i got this old rca tv (model #f27100akf01) from my g-ma! ITs huge i really like it it was workin fine for a while untill i tried to hook up external speakers to it!!! theres a switch in the back u switch when switch from internal to exernal speakers. i swithced it to external and turned on the tv. Th e volume worked ok but was kinda fuzzy so i took of the external speakers thinking screw it!
I turned back on the tv switch it to internal and now i dont have any vollume no even scratchy noises!
Im mad triend everything i know!!!!!! please help some one give me ideas!!!!
just do something to have some sound

Ps the picture is grat!1111111111

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me123,You might try spraying


You might try spraying some control cleaner into the switch, I think radio shack sells it. Work the switch back and forth a few times to clean it,and maybe you can get it to work. If this does'nt work take it to a repair shop. It may be worth to fix it. I have an old RCA about the same age as yours and really like it. It has 2 speakers for stereo sound and a great picture.

If the only problem is the sound and the picture was fine before that gave out then I would repair it.


John R
i also have an old rca and i

i also have an old rca and i spent mega bucks only to find out there was dust on the circuit board on the inside of the tv. all they did was clean the dust off and charged me 200 dollars. when all i need was a 6 dollar can of spray.

hii think that you have a bad

i think that you have a bad tuner board.
it needs to be resoldered, it's a tricky job i do not know if you'll be able to do this. you might have more luck next time if you would post a chassis # which is located on the back.
good luck


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