Switching Through my Receiver

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Jeff Block
Switching Through my Receiver

I've gotten mixed advice on this, so I thought I'd bring it to the experts.

When connecting my video components in my entertainment center to my TV, should I go through my receiver or go directly to the TV. Assume I have enough inputs on the TV to go either way.

Parenthetically, inputs include DVD (S-video), Media Center (DVI or S-video), TiVo (S-video) and VCR (coax). My receiver does not support DVI.

Jeff Block
Decided not to switch through

Decided not to switch through the receiver, because there didn't seem to be a point. I have plenty of inputs on the TV, so...

Am I missing anything?

Jeff Block
Okay, I must be missing

Okay, I must be missing *something*, because I can't get my S-video 1 input to display. TV doesn't think there's anything plugged in there.

Still debugging, but thought I'd through it out just in case someone knew something I don't that they'd like to share.

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Jeff,I doubt this helps, but

I doubt this helps, but I'll share my experience with video through a receiver.

I have a relativly old Denon I purchased when DVD players were first becoming mainstream electronics. There was no HD so the best video at the time was through S-Video.

I was technically inept, but my roommate hooked up my receiver so everything was routed through it (audio-video of the dvd, cable and tv). Although it was rather unnecessary, it was cool to have everything running through one device. The major upside was the receiver had an onscreen menu to configure it.

Overall, running video through a receiver to me is overkill. However, if I ever get a receiver with DVI, I'll be buying extra cables for it.

Jeff Block
Yeah, I agree. Also, I think

Yeah, I agree. Also, I think DVI in the receiver is a ways off. They might skip it all together in favor of HDMI.

And I finally got S-video 1 working. I think the actual problem was that the connection was loose, because I reseated the cables and all was well. Glad it was simple, anyway!


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