Nintendo Revolution shown at E3

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Nintendo Revolution shown at E3

Nintendo showed off a non-functioning prototype for their next generation video game console dubbed "Revolution".

Not much more is known now than what we knew before, but Nintendo did make a few shocking announcements. Here's the scoop thus far:

Processor - Custom IBM PowerPC core (no speed given)
Graphics - Custom ATI GPU (Nothing else known)
Wireless controllers
Built in WiFi
All Access Gaming - backwards compatibility to 20 years of Nintendo Games. Might be download model... might be something else...
SD Memory Card Slot
Plays GameCube discs
Will interface with the DS through WiFi
2 USB 2.0 ports

That's about it for now. I like the "All Access Gaming idea". If Nintendo doesn't drop the ball and make it too expensive or too difficult, then this system is going to rock!


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