MVC-CD250 wont turn on

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MVC-CD250 wont turn on

I have a CD250 Mavica digital camera and all of a suddden it wont turn on.

I have 2 cameras so I swapped batteries to see if it was the battery. Camera still does not work.

I pressed the reset button and the screen comes on for maybe an eigth of a second and then off.

any clues?

Thank you.


Tie Guy
I'd check the battery

I'd check the battery terminals on the camera. If it's springs, then you may want to hit them with a pencil eraser to get rid of any oxidation or gunk. The other kind (thick metal type) can sometimes get bent to the point they really don't touch the battery anymore.

If the terminals are okay, and the battery is fine, then there's probably not anything you can do to fix it. Digital cameras contain so many small electronic parts, only a tech will be able to diagnose it.

Ron Repking (not verified)
I had the same problem with

I had the same problem with my Canon Cybershot s45. I had to return it to the manufacturer to be fixed. The good news was that they had a replacement program where I could turn in my old model for a new refurbished model for a discounted price.


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