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Time limit on games

Is there any kind of timing device to hook up to ps2 or xbox to limit the time kids can play it?

Ron Repking (not verified)
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Take a look at these

Take a look at these solutions to limit your children's 'screen time'. They both work for the TV, any video game console or computer.

Time Scout -- www.Time-Scout.com

EyeTimer -- www.eyetimer.com

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I've been trying to get

I've been trying to get Eyetimer to work for about four months. It appears to be garbage, and their customer support is pathetic. Don't believe what they tell you on their Contact page -- they don't answer their phones, they rarely respond to phone messages, and it takes three emails to get a reply. And they release very buggy software.

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I agree. This software is

I agree. This software is total crap. Extremely buggy and the worst support I have ever encountered. I too am tossing my Eyetimer controls and software in the garbage. Save your money and don't waste your time on this very faulty product.


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