DSC P31 can't take pictures

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DSC P31 can't take pictures

I own the Sony DSC P31 and I can't take pictures because it looks like everything is "swimming" together. Pictures I have taken in the past are able to be viewed so I don't think it's the viewing screen. What is causeing this? I switched batteries and I've tried the reset button.

Any suggestions?????

Ron Repking (not verified)
It doesn't look good. This

It doesn't look good. This behavior sounds like it wouldn't be caused by a setting on the camera, especially since you probably ruled that out by resetting all of settings to the factory default. Sounds like you've also ruled out the memory card and the LCD screen, so that the only thing left is that it is a problem with the picture taking itself. You probably need to contact a service center to look at it. Sometimes they have trade in deals that allow you to buy a newer refurbished model at a reduced price with a trade in of your old model.


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