Redness won't go away

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Redness won't go away

Hello. I have a Panasonic PV-M2079 20" tv/vcr combo. It's about 5 years old & until recently, has worked very well for me. Lately though, i've been getting way too much red in the picture. It started out as just a slight increase & I was able to correct it by adjusting the tint. But now the tint is turned all the way to green & the redness will not go away. I'm sure that it needs to be serviced. I'm wondering, does this sound like an expensive repair? If so, i'll just buy a new tv. But if it's below a $100, i might just fix it. Thank's.

Tie Guy
I think you need to lower the

I think you need to lower the color control on the TV, and move the tint back toward the middle. That should fix you right up.


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