Consumer Power :Survey at the Economist

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Consumer Power :Survey at the Economist

The Economist has a timely article on consumer habits and the changing nature of retailing, brands and consumer research.
I think is that this critical reading for the techlore team.

The TechLore Team
Thanks for the headsup.

Thanks for the headsup. Clearly, people are using media differently and have become more in control of their purchases as a result as the article suggests. The techlore community is a direct result of this trend of giving more power to the consumer by providing direct, timely and relevant information on their consumer electronics devices. And not only that, but we feel that by having the community itself provide this information, it is coming from a more reliable source not influenced by external factors. If done right, communities such as techlore will eventually greatly influence manufacturers not only in how they advertise, but even in the products that they make.


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