TV-VCR-antenna hookup

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TV-VCR-antenna hookup

My TV is connected to my VCR, and my VCR is connected to a hookup on the wall, which is connected to the antenna on the roof. Why is it that I seem to get better reception when the VCR is on? I didn't think that having the VCR on and the TV tuned in to the special VCR-viewing channel would be a requirement?

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It shouldn't be, but there

It shouldn't be, but there are a number of factors that could affect this.

First off, if you run the antenna through the VCR and then to the TV, the VCR must be turned off when you try to use the televisions tuner. When it's on, the lower channels usually don't come in at all, but the higher ones will improve the higher you go.

It could also be narrowed down to the quality and sensitivity of the tuner. Not all tuners are the same, and in your case the one in the VCR could just be better.

For testing purposes, I'd try to eliminate the VCR from the system, and run the antenna lead directly into the TV. If the quality is still poor, then the TV's tuner is not as good. If there is a major improvement, then the VCR is not passing the antenna signal through very well when the VCR is off. If this is the case, and your VCR has line-level inputs (yellow, white, red), use an external 2-way splitter (and maybe a booster if needed) on the antenna lead. Then, connect a line directly to the TV and VCR. This will give you the most flexibility. You'll need to connect the VCR to a seperate line-level input on the TV.

If your set does not have line-level inputs, you could use a 2-way splitter and an external A/B coaxial switch to create a bypass for the VCR. It would flow: Lead to splitter, line 1 to switch, line 2 to vcr, vcr to switch, switch to TV.

I hope this helps.


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