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Love your website and spend a lot of time on it. I find it to be of help.

Just wondering why you do not have a forum on computing? You seem to have one for everything else.

Steven Jones (not verified)
This was inevitable and

This was inevitable and certainly deserves an answer.

The TechLore Team
Good question. We already

Good question. We already have a lot to bit off in trying to cover the wide (and growing!) world of consumer electronics. If you browse through all the categories on the sidebox of the home page, you will see that the complete range of topics.

We made the choice early on to sidestep computers because there are already so many resources out there. The one exception is when computers are used in conjunction with gadgets (e.g. syncing music, transferring data, etc.)

The idea of "CompLore" has come up a few times, though...

i need help...i have a

i need help...i have a Toshibad Sattelite1135 laptop. Its OS is Windows XP Home Edition.i downloaded this program called CrapCleaner from supposed to clean out unwanted files or files that werent deleted properly, anyway, i think it may have deleted some files that deal with the booting of the PC...when i go to turn it on it goes to the Welcome Window it says to click on my user name which i do and a second later it logs off it wont go to my desktop...i need help in trying to fix my problem, all helpful suggestions would be appreciated thank you all

Larry Dillon
It sounds like your program

It sounds like your program deleted associated files when you remove unwanted program a box will come up that says a file for this program is associated with A file for this program and deleting it may cause other programs not to work properly , are you sure you want to delete this file?
there will be a button yes, yes to all no and no to all you should never click on the yes to allor YES but NO to all I did that once and pressed yes to all and I had a problem running several programs I did a restore and that fixed my problem!!!!
Larry Dillon

Hale wilson
Off-topic section is

Off-topic section is completely covered by Computer related topic implying there must be a computer section.


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