SONY TV model KV-9PT50/ 60

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SONY TV model KV-9PT50/ 60

I recently purchased a bunch of non-working Sony KV-9PT50/ KV-9PT60.They all
have the same problem. NO RASTER. The high voltage is present, but still no
raster. I'm planning to attempt to service these units....but I notice that
they're all over the place....being sold as NON-WORKING UNITS. Do any of you
fellows have any experience working on these units ??? Seems to me that if
so many of them have become defective.....then they must ALL have similar
problems. Got any ideas for me ??? THANKS GUYS !! BERNIE
drop me a note at [email protected]

I've really got to talk to

I've really got to talk to someone that has experience servicing these Sony TV units.
Anyone out there ??
Drop me a note at [email protected]

I'd really appreciate it ! Thanks...BERNIE


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