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Matt Whitlock
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Are you playing the Sims

It's no secret that the Sims is the best selling PC game in history. Recently, I picked up a copy of the Sims for PC, and started playing it. Honestly, I don't exactly see what the appeal is. I thought it was kind of...well... boring.

What is it about this game that has made it as popular as it is?

Ross Johnson
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It's a perfect illustration

It's a perfect illustration of the difference between PC gamers, and PC owners who occasionally play games. They are vastly different, as what are generally considered by PC gamers to be the best games are definitely an acquired taste. Plus they tend to require above-average hardware. Games like the Sims, however, require very little in the way of hardware and anybody can at least get the hang of the game since it has a small learning curve.

So yeah, I agree - The Sims is boooooring!

Jeff Block
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All the simulation games out

All the simulation games out there depend on a single quality... that you're obsessive compulsive. Playing them with any level of ferver / commitment basically means sitting for days clicking the same things over and over and over and over and over and ov......

Matt Whitlock (not verified)
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Yeah, that's kind of true.

Yeah, that's kind of true. However, I have truly enjoyed some simulation games, like the Sim City series. Sim City 4 is engaging, interesting, and challenging, and I don't feel you have to be obsessive compulsive to enjoy it. Although I think you're right about the Sims, you probably do need to be a bit obsessive to really get into a game like that. I just don't think you can generalize all simulation games that way.

Jeff Block
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Matt... The first step

Matt... The first step toward healing is to admit that you have a problem. :-)

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What about games like

What about games like Everquest and World of Warcraft? Maybe you don't have to be obsessive in performing the exact same actions all the time to level your character but a) you have to devote a lot of real time to playing the game in order to become a significant entity in the game and b) you run the real risk of sacrificing vital parts of your own (real) life to do so.

At last year's GenCon in Indianapolis, I decided to give Everquest 2 a quick whirl. 45 minutes later, I 'woke up,' reestablished my bearings and moved on. The addictive potential of games like this is enormous. It makes my wife glad that we're still on a dial-up Internet connection.

Tie Guy
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Everquest seems to be a

Everquest seems to be a really addictive game. I've heard stories about people who've basically let their lives be consumed by that game. It's a bit scary how compulsive and obsessive some people can be in these massive online games.

I haven't heard horror stories about World of Warcraft yet, but I'd bet that all good online titles have some freak followers.

Jeff Block
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So, I'm in Best Buy one time

So, I'm in Best Buy one time with a friend, and we picked up / starting mocking a box of Evercrack ... I mean Everquest.

Suddenly, very scary I-haven't-showered-in-days guy comes up behind us and starts talking about his clan like he'd just had them over for Thanksgiving dinner. The please-step-away point came with the "we protect each other ... you know, even out here in the real world" statement. Uhhh ... it's a game, buddy.

Yeah, kinda like the whole Super-Size Me thing ruined my taste for Big Macs. I'd say I'm pretty much leaving Everquest on the shelf.

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You need to download more

You need to download more objects into the game to make it even more fun. My SIMS has sex toys the the Dukes of Hazzards car.

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Dear Friends, It's been quite

Dear Friends,
It's been quite a few years since I last played any games on PC, but recently, my attention was caught by the SIMS 2 and I thought I'd give it a try on my laptop. However hard I tried, the game wouldn't load. I have 512mb of RAM, Intel Extreme Graphics, which seems to be adequate for the game's requirements. As soon as the game loads into the main screen and you see all the SIMS jumping around having fun, it kicks me back out onto the main WIndows desktop and that's it, no menu screen or anything else..!! Do you think that it's because it's not a genuine copy of the game that a friend passed on to me?? ANy clues from anyone out there...?? And Jeff Block..while I understand and respect your comments of the game...I just have to find out WHY this particular bloody game won't blame on my 1year old laptop...that's all buddy..:-))))
PS. I have un installed and reinstalled the game a couple of times and used all the different crack methods there are, but still, no light in the tunnel...

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I love the sims! I devoted an

I love the sims! I devoted an entire town to an "elvaan" town. It was a 2 year project in the making. I can't wait to try Sims 3!

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Yeah,im agree.Sims especially

Yeah,im agree.Sims especially Sims3 it's really cool game.

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I have sims 2 at home but I dont like it... too boring =(

but Im waiting for the new Sims - Sims Online =) it will be the best social network

or will not? what are you thinking about it?

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