Is now the right time to buy?

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Is now the right time to buy?

I'm thinking about buying a gaming console for my kids. We don't own anything so are starting from scratch. I heard that there are new consoles coming out soon, so I'm wondering if I should wait for those to come out before I buy or just take the plunge now.

Ross Johnson
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I'd say it all depends on the

I'd say it all depends on the age your kids, and how into gaming they are. If they don't have any gaming systems now, I can only assume they're not avid gamers so it probably won't matter if you pick up one of the current generation consoles. Nintendo's GameCube is the most kid-friendly and is also the cheapeast at $99 retail.

As an overgrown kid, my preference is for the Xbox, which retails for $149, and sports the best hardware specs. However, the similarly-priced PS2 is the biggest seller of the three in the US and has the most game titles. So if you're looking to stock up on used games, you might want to consider the PS2 as well.

Matt Whitlock (not verified)
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That's a really tough

That's a really tough decision. The first next-gen console should be available late this year, with competitive systems emerging sometime in 2006. This is probably a little long to wait if they want to get started in gaming. If you do decide to wait, remember that there are always very few game titles available at launch.

I would recommend you pick up one of the current systems. Most of them are relatively inexpensive, and they have tons of games available. This is still the current crop for about another year, so the kids will get plenty of play time out of whatever you buy.

For help on picking one of the current consoles, read the article Choosing between the Playstation 2, GameCube, & XBOX.


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