Computer won't recognize my jvc camcorder anymore

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Computer won't recognize my jvc camcorder anymore

Last week, I was making movies thru digital photo navigator with my jvc camcorder, now it isn't being recognized through my computer. I have tried everything from uninstalling the software to restoring my computer to last known date it work and NOTHING will work. I have been days on this and am going nuts. Can anyone give me anymore suggestions? I have to use my serial port and the ieee-1394 won't work in my camcorder.HELP!

Ron Repking (not verified)
Has the FireWire (IEEE-1394)

Has the FireWire (IEEE-1394) connection on your camcorder just stopped working? I'm not sure I understand your last sentence.

In any event, the best way that I've found to troubleshoot a problem when something stops working that was working before is to eliminate things until you find the culprit. The point is that it might not be the software that is the problem. It could be the computer, cable or camcorder itself.

In your case, you could try any/all of the following:
- Try installing or using different video software (such as MovieMaker) to see if it detects your camcorder.
- Try installing the software and testing the connection on a different computer altogether.
- Borrow a neighbor's camcorder and see if it is recognized by your computer.
- Use a different cable to see if that is the problem.

Let us know how it goes and we can further help you out.

I don't have a firewire port

I don't have a firewire port connection on my camcorder and moviemaker won't recognize my camcorder also. Will be seeing today the other suggestions. Will let you know what happens. Thanks!

Eric Daugherty (not verified)
IEEE-1394 is actually

IEEE-1394 is actually Firewire. So when you say it won't work in your camcorder, you are saying that it doesn't have that capability, not that it isn't working?

I'm sorry, you are completely

I'm sorry, you are completely right, but today I found a solution, unbelieveably on my own(being computer illiterate)! I thought maybe they had a serial port to usb converter and by my surprise, I was right. I found one at Best Buy and now I can actually use my camcorder with my software. But just one more question, if you don't mind(I'm learning). Why don't my camcorder work with other movie making software? Just wondering how that works. Thanks for your help!!

Matt Whitlock (not verified)
I'd be willing to bet that

I'd be willing to bet that the driver that recognizes your camcorder is proprietary to the software, causing it only to sync with that particular application.

This is similar to Sony NetMD players, which only sync with their proprietary NetConnect software suite. It's unfortunate that many manufactuerers limit their customer's ability to use a device as they see fit.

I figured so. Thank you so

I figured so. Thank you so much for your input! It's unbelieveable. Guess I'll have to invest in another. Thanks


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