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Rating threads and/or posts

Is it in the plans to add ratings options to threads and/or posts in the forums, the same way users can rate articles in other sections of the site?

The TechLore Team
This is certainly an option.

This is certainly an option. Our platform was specifically designed to accommodate a wide range of different content types (e.g. articles, tips, discussion threads, blog entries, etc.) but in such a way that the controls and features we create such as the ability to rate would apply to all content types.

At this point, the issue isn't a technical one but more of an interface challenge. Rating a completed article is straightforward because the content doesn't change over time. Rating a discussion thread (related to that article) or a forum thread (like this one) is trickier because the content is expected to change. So what would it mean to the next guy if your rating was applied early on but then the conversation took a sharp turn (for better or worse)? How is he supposed to interpret that rating? And if every Member rated the thread at different times in the thread's lifespan, then it becomes even more confusing.

Perhaps a more useful option would be to allow ratings to accumulate at the individual comment level (where a thread is composed of one or more comments). This has far fewer UI complications but is also tricky since the comment's author (or a moderator) may change a post at any time which could effectively invalidate the ratings.

We would encourage more discussion along this thread. Give us your thoughts.

We will leave you with this thought. There is actually much more going on at TechLore than is visible on the current web site. In the coming months, you will see many innovations in the Community including a sophisticated content scoring system that helps Visitor quickly find the most relevant content. As you might expect, Member ratings play into that so stay tuned!


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