Alarm and Home automation

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Alarm and Home automation

Looking at putting in an alarm system at the home with home automation X.10 controller. Talked to multiple fire and alarm companies and keep seeing the same products from GE (Concord line). Does anyone have any other vendors/manufactures that have the capabilities of the concord ultra?

I am an alarm tech.  We use

I am an alarm tech.  We use Honeywells alarm brand Ademco Vista series.  We field tested the concord 4 when it came out last year.  As soon as I heard we would be doing this I personly researched and compared the vista series to the concord series.  I came back to my companies owner and told him dont do this.  After 3 months, every concord system we installed we went back and changed them out for the Ademco vista15p alarm system.  All that is needed is a X10 transformer, they go for about $50.  That and learning the commands to operate the lights through the alarm can be confusing.  A simpler way is getting a LCD touch screen for the alarm.  there are 3 types made by Ademco ranging from a few hundred dollars to around a thousand for a 7'' color touch screen that can also be tied into a video system.  check out


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