Anyone know when the Nintendo DS games will arrive?

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Steven Jones
Anyone know when the Nintendo DS games will arrive?

I bought two for my (young) kids and have been waiting for the titles to show up. Seems like a majority of the first round were aimed at the older (and male) audience. So we're stuck sitting around playing Mario and resorting back to the GBA games.

Where can I find the list of upcoming titles? And corresponding ratings would be helpful too.

Ron Repking (not verified)
I too would like to see some

I too would like to see some DS titles for kids. Mario and car racing is getting pretty boring for them.

Matt Whitlock (not verified)
This is one of the reasons I

This is one of the reasons I haven't been in any hurry to buy one. I can already play Super Mario 64 at home on my N64, without having to use a stylus. Until there's something more interesting to play, I'll keep holding off.

Jeff Block
Why does (especially)

Why does (especially) Nintendo insist on rolling out the goofy bobble-headed 64-bit games when it comes to Mario, Frogger, Pac-man, etc.

Maybe I'm just getting old, but when will Nintendo (or anyone else for that matter) come out with the latest, coolest versions of Wing Commander or Galaga, etc?!?

Matt Whitlock (not verified)
Given that game makers are

Given that game makers are scared to produce original content these days, they are usually sticking with popular franchises that they know will sell. Jeff, you may get what you wish for. Perhaps some publisher will want another franchise to work off of, which means a new Galaga, Wing Commander, or ATX Attack Chopper may be coming your way...

Steven Jones (not verified)
So here is a bit of

So here is a bit of interesting news. I was thrilled to find that a Robots DS game was recently released. Picked up a copy and thought I would play a trick on my kid by saying the box was empty when I opened it up. The crazy thing was that it WAS EMPTY!

I couldn't believe it - what a cruel trick. I decided to take my sad-faced kid back to the store to make my store sound more believable and sure enough, they were nice enough to replace it.

So after the dust settled, I am happy to report that the Robots DS game went over quite well with the kids. Still I am surprised at how interested the kids are in old school GBA games - even when I remind them that they won't use both screens and won't support multi-player!

Matt Whitlock (not verified)
Wow... they took back an

Wow... they took back an empty box! That's pretty cool. Thankfully, no TechLore member or visitor would try to wrongfully take advantage of that kindness.

I ran into a similar experience with a DVD that I bought once. I picked up a copy of Encino Man (it was on sale for 3.99, you can't go wrong), but when I got home, the DVD that was inside was "Earnest Scared Stupid". I had a hard time convincing the store that I wasn't trying to cheat them, but I eventually succeeded. I just wanted my cheap 1 1/2 star Paulie Shore movie.

Ron Repking (not verified)
I also bought Robot for my 7

I also bought Robot for my 7 year old last week. Seems to enjoy it and be able to play it without any issues. Still disappointed at lack of other selections.

Ron Repking (not verified)
Went to Best Buy today and

Went to Best Buy today and saw some new games that looked promising - a Pokeman game and a new Mario/Luigi game. Also several new more adult titles which weren't of interest to me but it was nice to see some new games coming out.

Steven Jones (not verified)
They had better get crankin'

They had better get crankin' on the DS front cause Sony is about to wreak some havoc with the PSP launch. From what I can tell, Sony will have twice the number of titles day one that Nintendo has squeaked out in the months since its launch.

Also, I think Tapwave just released its third game :-)


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