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transfer music files

Trying to transfer music to a 2 gig matsui MAT120 MR mp3 player either via copy & paste on explorer/music match jukebox or windows media player.

switched on the computer, hooked up mp3 via usb cable to port and the correct display indicating connection came up on the mp3.

read the techlore advice on this.

the first time i clicked on Removeable Disk E: the folders appeared, however they don't any more so i can't copy and paste my mp3 files - the error message 'cannot find the specified file'.

A similar thing happens if i try doing it through the music software.

 Looked in the control panel device manager and the usb ports don't say anything about mp3 connected

Please help

Just tried restarting again

Just tried restarting again and the drive came up as SGTL MSCN (E:)  and contained music and voice folders as well as the sample music tracks that came with the mp3. When i tried to copy files the error message was cannot copy because of an I/O device error.

i can access my files but the

i can access my files but the music and others can't be turned me restore it please.


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