aiwa stereo broke just like that!

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aiwa stereo broke just like that!

I bought a used Aiwa stereo system for my daughter's room off of craigslist. It has a single CD player, plus cassette, tuner, etc. I don't know the exact model but it has turbo bass speakers and was manufactured in 1999. The guy I bought it from told me everything worked, but he'd only used the cassette player once when he first bought it, so he recommended I clean it before trying it out.

I brought it home, set it up, and enjoyed two CDs. Then I put in the third CD and it wouldn't work! It made a brief spinning sound and that was it. I tried everything -- unplugging, trying to forward to another track, putting one of the cds that had worked originally on -- nothing worked. Then I tried the tape player (without cleaning it) and it doesn't work either -- it makes a weak sound briefly, but nothing moves at all.
I know I should have tested it before I bought it, but it was just too tricky at the moment with two kids, etc. Did this guy totally scam me? If so how did he get the cd player to work initially? Is there anything I can do to fix this thing cheaply? My daughter is bummed...
The problems you have

The problems you have described are very common.  I've fixed over 300 of these units over the years.  First the CD...  Start with cleaning the lens using a Qtip and alcohol.  GENTLY swab the lens.  The cassette portion requires a new set of belts.  Depending upon which model you have this could mean 3 or 4 belts.  This is not something I would recommend for the novice as putting these units back together is a bit tricky.  Send me an Email with your location and I might be able to help further.  A local shop sould not charge more than $75-$100 for a complete repair including parts(belts).

 If cleaning the lens does not fix it, then the optics may need to be replaced.  THese are Sony optics and are usually either KSS-210A or KSS-213x where x is either C or F.

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