Sony STR-DG800

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Sony STR-DG800

Just purchased a Sony receiver and am having a real hard time keep the speaker wires attached to the receiver.  It looks like they might take a banana plug or other type plug.  Does anyone know what the best adapter is?

Larry Dillon
It says in the instructions,

It says in the instructions, to insert the speaker wire into the terminal, and twist the connector to keep the speaker wires attached. These ARE NOT! banana plugs.. The instructions and the users guide is here for a download incase you do not have one. . If the wires still won't stay, you may need to strip more wire off the cable and fold over the wire and twist it again.. If the receiver still wont hold the wire, maybe there is a problem with the jack or jacks. Good Luck, and let us know how you made out with this reciever.

Thanks! I guess I just need

Thanks! I guess I just need to keep twisting!

Larry Dillon
Give it a shot and let us

Give it a shot and let us know if you need any further assitance, and please inform us if it fixed your unit.

I just bought this receiver

I just bought this receiver STR-DG800), believing that I could hook up my existing sony dvd recorder via component output, but then connect to my new sony xbr3 via hdmi cable... (the sony sales person said I should be able to do this)


no such luck

there should be a way to do this (with the understanding that you can't improve the quality of the component signal, but still maintain at least the quality of the signal and utilize the cable I have run through a stone fireplace!

I am not familiar with your

I am not familiar with your specific model, but I believe that the receiver contains video switching circuits. This is the method of control through the receiver. The receiver should have the option of either detecting the signal path in use or allow you to manually determine the video input. I'll look up the owner's manual for your model and try to get more info for you. One other thing to check (please don't take this the wrong way...) Make sure that the input and output connections are not switched. As with tape recorder/players it is easy to switch the input/output lines.


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