??how play samsug digital audio player on laptop???

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??how play samsug digital audio player on laptop???

my samsung digital audio player (black small) wont let me listen to songs on my laptop when i plug it in. it just sais charging, but it does syncronize with media player so i can delete songs and add songs.

n e suggestions? highly appreciate it.

Matt Whitlock
Most MP3 players I've

Most MP3 players I've encountered behave this way. When connected to the computer, fire up Windows Media player. You should be able to access music on the player and listen through your computer's speakers ((or simply sync it and listen off your hard disk).

I'm havinag a simliar problem

I'm havinag a simliar problem.  My MP3 player will not play on my laptop either.  When I plug in the device WMP opens it and under the Sync tab I can see all the songs on MP3 player but I can't play them or copy them to my laptop's hard drive.  Any ideas.



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