Fujifilm Finepix F10 - troubleshooting

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jackie p
Fujifilm Finepix F10 - troubleshooting

I am interested to hear from users of this camera.  I find the manual quite challenging and unhelpful, and when I need to find a way to create a better picture or overcome a problem there is no quick method to find the relevant topic and related information.  Recently I made a mistake and accidentally disengaged the camera while loading images. The memory card was affected and the camera now reads "memory card not initialized".  But 1. the manual does not deal with this situation in any depth and I cannot find out what to try to do to save the memory card; 2. the controlls on the camera appear not be responding to any attempts to find a way to initialize the card. The menue seems to be frozen and I am hoping that I have not damaged the camera.Any suggestions?

Matt Whitlock
Hi jackie p,

Hi jackie p,

Welcome to the TechLore Community!

I've read through a digital copy of your manual, and you're correct... it's pretty hard to follow.

Most likely, interrupting the file transfer process hosed up the memory card. In the tech world, initilized is another word for "formatted". Most likely, you only need to reformat the xD picture card in order to use it again. You'll find an option to reformat the card in the main menu.

Since you've mentioned that you're having a hard time navigating the camera, power off the camera and remove both the picture card and battery. Replace the battery. Make sure that the camera returns to normal operation. Power down the camera again and replace the picture card. Turn on the camera and immediately format the card. (instructions are on page 85 in your manual.)

Try that and post back with your results.  


jackie p
Thanks, Matt. But this is

Thanks, Matt. But this is where I think the camera has something wrong with it.  I followed page 85, but the menu is frozen. i don't know how to get the screen to read 'format/ format ok?/ format all data' as it shows on page 85.  I've turned off the camera, taken out the card, turned on the camera, turned it off, taken out the battery, turned the camera on and off, put the battery in, put the card back in - and no difference. the camera menu refuses to move.it was fine previously. god knows what i did to it. any ideas?

I put my xD card in a card

I put my xD card in a card reader and reformatted it.  Worked fine and was easy. 

The computer informed me that the drive was unformatted and asked if I wanted to fornat it.  When I clicked yes, it was done in seconds.

It worked
It worked for me but I

It worked for me but I believe there isn't a way to format the card without losing everything that wasn't downloaded. However, thanks to you my problem is not fixed. Thanks.

It worked
Is there a way to reformat

Is there a way to reformat and not loose the data on the card?


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