temporary picture loss 55" LG LCD t.v.

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temporary picture loss 55" LG LCD t.v.

t.v. loses the picture (goes grayish) but sound is fine. When shut off and restarted it is fine and will run normally for hours until it does it again.  Picture quality is excellent between episodes. Runs though a Motorola DVR box and an Onyko receiver. The DVR records programs without picture loss and replays fine even though the actual t.v. does not have a picture during the recording. If picture loss occurs while a recorded program is being watched, when the set is shut off and restarted the DVR reverts back to the point at which the picture was lost.  


Recently had the t.v. mounted over the fireplace with remote wiring through the attic to the receiver, DVR and blue tooth in a closet.  Did not experience this problem prior to the mounting.

I don't know what sort of
I don't know what sort of fireplace you have. In any case, there is definately a lawful leeway constrain around the opening for burnable materials. Check with your nearby construction regulations or producer in the event that you have one of those "embed" kinds of chimneys. guide   A wood mantle will act a warmth shield. Despite the fact that wood consumes regardless it goes about as a separator so it ought to be sufficent to square a large portion of the warmth. Be that as it may, it additionally must be a sure separation far from the opening.    I don't know whether you have a brick work or "embed" type, contingent upon sort will decide how far from the opening the mantle should be.    You may need to move the TV higher after the mantle is introduced, do some estimating first before settling on a choice in light of the fact that the TV may wind up near the roof, or may not fit by any stretch of the imagination.    In general I think the TV is excessively near the opening, so think about a movement if conceivable.    I've included hearth clearances from 2003 that you can use to decide whether introducing a mantle is attainable. If you don't mind utilize these just as a guide, check your neighborhood codes to get the correct separation required. Be that as it may, those should adequate to perceive how much more distant up the divider the TV may need to moved.

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