help diode marking code v6 33 Plasma TV 46"

Hi i looking for information for one surface mount zener diode ( with dimension 4mm. x 2mm. ) for Vizio  TV Plasma P46 ;Philips BDS4611/74 and Gateway P46M103 -the same boards .The zener diode location on Y-sustain board (Y-Bulk SU PCB 46" WVGA V02 ) with location number D121B diode have manifacture mark V6 33 top side , opposite side to the board have mark Y37 please give mi information for this zener diode i surfing internet mounts to find information for this parts to run my TV.I replace 4 transistors IRFP 460A and one chip IR2113S bat no information for the diode to byu.
Thanks for you time Please Help me... 

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Try to find someone with a

Try to find someone with a ECG semiconductor master replacement guide but i think NTE bought out ECG,so you may have to look for that online.Also a service manual may give you what you need as it may have all the parts list in it,model # and chasis # needed.

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That is a 1 amp 600 volt
That is a 1 amp 600 volt diode, you can buy it here

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