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   My sony trinitron model number kv-325 or a s not sure 26....kv-32526 or kv-32s26 manufactured in 1997 started messing up on me when watching it I was watching television and all of a sudden the sceen goes all black but i still have sound. Before this happened It never showed me that there was a problem with y television. Along with no picture just a black screen all ovver and just sound on the front panel of my sony tv is a blinking light and next to that light it says stand by timer. Does anyone know if this is fixable or shuld I just get rid of it. please let me know as soon as possible thank you it will be very appreciated.

Larry Dillon
Sure ,Everything is fixable.

Sure ,Everything is fixable. The light blinking is an indication that the Horizontal sweep has stopped working. Could be the Hi Voltage transformer, as simple as a cold solder connection on the horizontal drive tranformer or transistor, or a componet in the horizontal sweep circuit stopped working. If you have no servicing experience, you should get a pro to assist in this estimate for the set as some shops give you a free estimate or apply them to the repair. BUT, Im thinking that the sets aready almost 10 years old. Maybe your money would be better spent on a new set?? Good Luck

I have a similiar problem

I have a similiar problem with my Sony KV-27TS36 Trinitron Color TV, which is 10+ years old.  The TV is hooked up to cable.  I have perfect sound, but the picture tube only has a narrow line across the center of the screen.  I previously had this same problem, but I was getting ready to leave town for 2 weeks, so I shut the TV off, and decided I would address the problem when I returned home.  When I got home 2 weeks later, I turned the TV on, and it worked great for 3 to 4 weeks.  Now the same problem exists.  Any ideas?  Can this be repaired for a reasonable cost, or should I haul it to the landfill, and buy a new TV.

Larry Dillon
Your set has a line and sound

Your set has a line and sound. the other set has no sweep. Your problem is most likly a fault in ther vertical deflection circuit. Its a repair, unless you know how to use a meter and soldering tools, and read a schematic. it should be left to a pro to repair. But on a 10 year + old set. I would use it as landfill and get a new set.

Thanks Larry - it's going to

Thanks Larry - it's going to the landfill this weekend.  It's too old to keep investing $$'s in it.  Thanks again - Dunk

Larry Dillon


Hi, would appreciate someone

Hi, would appreciate someone's help with Sony Trinitron K-21MB42P, turns on, no video nor audio and turns off after 5 seconds! I suspect EEPROM. Any ideas?


Ronald Givhan
Hello,I just brought a sony

Hello,I just brought a sony FD Trinitron model #KD-27FS170  I can"t  seem to get a picture or sound can some one help me. Thanks

 I have a 32" Sony doing

 I have a 32" Sony doing exactly the same thing. Have you fixed the problem? If so how much was the cost? I hate to throw away a set that otherwise works perfectly.   Thanks, Mark

Same problem here, model KV
Same problem here, model KV-24FS120. Any help? Four red flashes, pause, repeat. No picture.

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