Sony 50 inch rear projection tv. KDF-50E2000, 3 red blinks

My KDF-50E2000 will not turn on, fan starts then stops and power light blinks red code 3.

I have spoken to sony, said check bulb door. no luck

At first the TV would shut off by itself but we could start it again and it would work for approx 20 minutes before shutting off again.

I removed the bulb door and the bulb, cleaned out the dust and carefully reinstalled the bulb and door. Since then the TV will not turn on at all. Assuming I caused the final blow by messing with it, I ordered and installed an new T1-board, "bulb door switch". This did not repair TV. 

There is a switch that detects the lamp assembly installation called a T2-board, could this be the cause of my 3 red blinks code? Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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I have a sony kdf50e2000 w

I have a sony kdf50e2000 w/same red light problem blinking 3x and found a fix!!!
when you pull the bulb tray out there is a little microswitch inside the tv on the lower right hand corner(will need a flashlight) When you go to put the bulb tray back into the tv it doesn't quite push the metal bar on the switch far enough,so reach into the tv make sure it is unplugged and pull the little bar out just a little bit be very carefull it bends very easy and after you have done that push the bar very lightly and listen very close you should be able to
hear the switch engaging and dis-engaging.Slide the tray back in and put covers back into place and try to turn the tv on..hope this helps worked for me!!

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I have the same problem my

I have the same problem my power button blinks green 3x than red 6x i tried what smokie said and it did not work any other ideas?

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6 blink code means LowB LVP -

6 blink code means LowB LVP - Thermal Fuse Open , Check 10.5V audio IC (B Board)
You can get the Service Manual HERE or you can find it in the Service Manual section of this site.

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Hi smokie, where exactly is
Hi smokie, where exactly is the little bar that needs to be pulled out?  Thanks!

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