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Futronic TV Model C741. Red LED comes on but power supply did'nt switch TV on. Any technical comments on the outlay of the power supply/possible faults?

Larry Dillon
I searched for this model

I searched for this model under that name. Its probably an OEM type deal or whats called a label TV where someone makes it and someone who wants to Be an electronics distributor for a month or so will buy up alot of them at a discounted rate, and sell them. There should have been an owners manual that came with the set. Have you looked inside the manual to see if there is a service contact or a company that handling the service of these sets?  Lets Us know what you find out please, and thanks for comming to Techlore. Good Luck

I also have a futronic 54cm

I also have a futronic 54cm tv model: C541. It displays a blue color on the screen. Could it be that red and yellow are faulty or the colour prossesor is faulty or the gun is faulty. According to your experince what normally cause this? I tried serching for the model but I cannot find it. I would appreciate to know who makes these TVs so that I can get a detailed service manual for it.

hi there try calling them on

hi there try calling them on the following number. I blocked our c541 and dont have a user manual anymore i found their number this weekend.

c741 not switching on keeps
c741 not switching on keeps blowing fuse change power transistor no:c4460,diode her308 and two diodes no:rl207 still not coming on what can i check for again? please help

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