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I am new here and saw a story on the History Channel abou thtis site.    I have a gadget called

DIAL-A-CARD Portable Automatic telephone Dialer. Model AD-63. The spec label on the back says it is by Dial A Card in Casper Wyoming. Made in Japan. It is 3.25" X 6.25" X .5".  It has a 54 key keyboard and a rubber lipped speaker on the back that you hold to the phone mouthpiece and it dials numbers programed into it.   I can find NOTHING on the internet about it.    Anyone heard of it. Is there a market for them?  Thanks,  

I own that device! Serial
I own that device! Serial number 32201819.  It requires 4 maim button batteries & 3 back up button batteries.   The advent of cell phones & the internet has made this device obsolete. if you would like this one I will be happy to send it to you.
I have that exact device!  It
I have that exact device!  It requires 7 button batteries.  It was useful until cell phones that stored numbers.  Mine sits in a box with 10's of obsolete hand held devices.  It is a dinasor device.  

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