Montgomery Ward Microwave

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Richard Lionberger
Montgomery Ward Microwave

I have a 1982 Montgomery Ward Model KSA-8283A that keeps blowing the 15 Amp ABC fuse. I checked for direct shorts and cannot locate anything to cause the fuse to burn out. I tested the transformer and checks okay with no grounding of the windings. The input shows continuity also. Is continuity through the magnatron suppose to show straight through after disconnecting all the wiring to check using a ohm meter? This one does but I am not sure what this one is suppose to do. I have never had to check the magnatrons out before this. Microwave runs a few seconds then buzzes and burns the fuse out. One time it tripped my circuit breaker. If this isn't it is there a good place to start checking for a short somewhere? Thanks for your help.

Matt Whitlock
Why on earth would you tag

Why on earth would you tag this to TVs and projectors?


Richard Lionberger
Sorry I am new to this.  I

Sorry I am new to this.  I highlighted the bottom of the site when I posted it because I thought it said to pick out the best location to go to and thought it would go to that location to be posted when I posted it.  Sorry again for the mistake. 

Clutch 61


You're using a microwave that's more than a quarter century old!! Even gas buring ovens don't last that long. 1982...are you for real? Hell, Reagan was like 59 or something that year wasn't he? I remember how those old microwave ovens like yours looked back in the day. I'll bet that old clunker was tricked out with more chrome on it than a 59' Caddy huh? You got the one with the simulated wood grain painted on that massive steel chassis didn't you? You go dog!!! But, it's time to let that bad boy go now Holmes.

You know, a good replacement 'Microid' can be readily obtained at the local Wal-lyworld for less than $100.

Well, maybe you like those

Well, maybe you like those throwaway China junk microwaves they sell now, but I have an 84 model micro/convection combo that is awesome.

I have a KSA8291A Montgomery

I have a KSA8291A Montgomery Ward microwave made in 1980 that just stopped working. I got 30 plus years of service as I bought it new. I wish I knew who made it for M Ward. Someone said it might be a Norge.

I have a Montgomery Ward

I have a Montgomery Ward convection/microwave 1.5 cu ft oven Model KSA8292A that trips the circuit breaker if I have the window air conditioner on at the same time. So we just make sure only one is on at a time. The simplest solution.

Thought maybe the maker of

Thought maybe the maker of the oven was on the back of the unit, but it wasn't. But still is an awesome piece.

i would replace the capacitar

i would replace the capacitar sounds like an overload.

I have one of these very old

I have one of these very old convection microwave ovens and a fuse blowed so we are ordering one. I read somewhere that the montgomery ward ovens were made by Sharp.

I think according to what I

I think according to what I have been reading it is made by Sharp.

I have an OLD 1982 Montgomery

I have an OLD 1982 Montgomery Ward 1.5 Microwave oven as well and it still works like a charm. It cooks evenly, it hasn't had any repair parts, it is still amazing. NO MANUFACTURER makes anything that lasts that long anymore, because... WHY??? The want MORE MONEY!! I'm not letting go of this baby and I don't expect that it will die on me anytime soon! It's a gem... !!!! Just like my old PIANO that my MOM and DAD bought me when I was 6. Yeah... it's 48 years old.. I've had 5 electronic pianos since then. Nothing like the real thing baby!!!!

You answered your own

You answered your own question in your statement. Electronics don't last now days because most are overly complicated, the more components it has is the more that could break. And most everything is digital electronics instead of analog or mechanical like they used to be, digital=complicated more parts to process the same functions, more parts to go bad.

Dee Dee
I have a 1984 Montgomery Ward

I have a 1984 Montgomery Ward Convection/Microwave purchased new and up until this past week was working just fine. It has been a great workhorse. Now I need a part for it. Does anyone know where to purchase parts for this appliance? I need the piece that covers the fan in the top of the oven

D lee
I have the same Convection

I have the same Convection/Microwave, bought it in 1982, have it in the garage and use it almost everyday as a convection oven. Summer is too hot to kick on the oven in the house. The microwave portion of the oven stopped working as did the timer, I replaced the capacitor with a new capacitor that had a little more capacity, it was as close as I could come to the original, found it on the internet. It works great. I wired the timer so it will always be on, now I have to pay attention to how long something is baking, but it has always worked well and as I say I've used it since 1982, year round....comes in handy at Thanksgiving and x-mas. Good luck fixing"ll be glad you did!

Barb Sellers
I have a 1984 Montgomery Ward

I have a 1984 Montgomery Ward convection microwave oven. I bought it new and loved it. While I was away, it received some improper handling. I really want to be able to have it properly functioning. It was so much better than what I see today.

Anyone have experience or insights to accomplish my goal?


Considering the age of this

Considering the age of this unit it, parts are obsolete now. I am sure of this.
Its time to replace it, i know it has been good to you for sure!!!


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