Venturer hdd digital audio player

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Venturer hdd digital audio player

I bought a venturer Hdd digital audio player (HDP3202BS)from a market stall, when I switch it on it looks like it is trying to power up but the blue lcd screen just flahes on and off.

When I plug it into the mains it works fine, I can even take the mains cable out once it is powdered up, and it works fine, but as soon as I switch it off , it needs the mains supply again to start it up. The battery is fully charged.

My dad bought one from the same place and his works fine.

Any idea what is wrong with mine.

Hello Colz

Hello Colz

                  I too have the same venturer audio, when mine does that it sometimes mean the harddrive is stuck or battery low. Also if when u switch it on and it dosen't come on automatically then i just press the play button when it says 'charging'. Mine comes on fine. Its a fine mp3 player. Tons of space. Hope this helps.

I backed up some files to

I backed up some files to mine and now I can't find the usb lead to retrieve them! The Venturer has a rather rare, if not unique, connection and I can't get hold of one. Anyone out there able to direct me to a source of a replacement lead?

I've lost the system files

I've lost the system files for my player (deleted the wrong folder) does anyone know where I can get them from?


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