WD-57831 Blinking green light of death

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WD-57831 Blinking green light of death

We have a WD-57831. One year old.  It was working fine this morning, after work the green light is blinking and won't go off. We replaced the bulb 3 mos ago. Can you e-mail me instructions that may fix this?

Larry Dillon
I do not have any info on

I do not have any info on this model of TV set, too new yet. Have it repaired by an authorized Mitsubishi Dealer.

Really Redd
Do you have a solution to the

Do you have a solution to the question prior to this one about the blinking green light?

Jim Scott
I've got a 2006 Mitsubishi WD

I've got a 2006 Mitsubishi WD-57831 with a bit of a different problem. The TV was fine one day then the next day the BRIGHTNESS had decrased 40-50%. The picture itself seems to be ok(focus,color,contrast) and the adjustment controls seem to being do what they should... it's just the Brightness won't return to normal levels even after I replaced the Lamp module. I suspect the Ballast or the Optical engine, but I'm not sure.

I went surf'n thru the other threads that are available on the web, but I couldn't fine this particular fault anywhere.(figures)

I have a BS in electronics and I worked Avionics at NATC Patuxent River, Md. for over 20yrs so don't be shy with the terms you may have to use. I'd rather get some advice that would atleast put me in the neighborhood instead of having to tear it down to parade rest.

Anyway, since I don't have the Service Manual for this model, does anyone know what the proper voltage level from the ballast to the lamp is? This may atleast help me eliminate that has a problem.

Thanks for your time and help.


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