Mitsubishi WS-65711, won't stay on

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Mitsubishi WS-65711, won't stay on

After replacing the Convergence Chip the picture was great and all was fine while I channeled around testing the system. When I finished testing my TV I shut it off to reinstall the back panel. Now whenever I power up the TV the green light, on the front panel, comes on for 2 or 3 seconds and then it turns off by itself. It does not stay on long enough to produce either picture or sound. I ran the front panel diagnostics and it returns error code "12" which is "Normal Operation, No Error Detected", per the Service Manual. I have performed a System Reset using the button on the front panel of the TV and have unplugged and replugged the TV, all with no resolution to this problem. Every time when I try to start my TV I can hear the "click" when it powers on followed 2 seconds later by the same "click" when it powers off. 

Any ideas?

Looking for a reply from

Looking for a reply from Larry Dillon on this as he seems the most knowledgeable on this subject. Hopefully I can still get this 8 yr old set repaired myself as funds are tight for a new one these days.

Thanks,  Bill

First, let me apologize for

First, let me apologize for my original post above asking for comments from Larry Dillon. I was unaware at the time that Larry had past. For all who knew and loved Larry please accept my heart felt condolences for your loss.

While I did not know Larry I have read many of his posts and replies in this Techlore site. It is obvious that his knowledge on the subject was great and he graciously shared his talents unselfishly with others. A little web research revealed that while Larry was not a man of great means, he gave much more in life than he ever received. It is from people like Larry that we can all gain a little strength, compashion and inspiration. The world truely does need more people like Larry. Thank you, Larry. May you rest in peace.


Bill, well said.  May Larry
Bill, well said.  May Larry rest in peace.

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