Mitsubishi 65 Inch - WS-65819

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Worldwin - Tom T
Mitsubishi 65 Inch - WS-65819

This problem started as an intermittent one...

I would turn on the TV - and it would work for a while then turn off by itself..

This happened every once and a while..

But now when I turn on the TV - the green light comes on for a moment then shuts off..

Almost like it is going to power up - I hear a click (the relays) and then shuts down..

Could this be the same problem that many are having, could it be capacitors.?     

A couple of years ago I had the convergeance issue - and I found a couple of cold solder joints on the Convergeance chips - resoldered them,  and that solved the convergeance issue. 

But now this problem..   What is your advice...?  

Thanks for the opportunity to post on these forums.

Big Fe
Okay, so you haven't replaced

Okay, so you haven't replaced your convergence IC's, only resoldered connections. Chances are they are defective and have caused one or both fuses to open in the 24V and -24V supplies, namely F9A04 and F9A05 on the same board as the convergence IC's.

Worldwin - Tom T
I will check that out...  

I will check that out...  

It has been a couple of years since I did the resoldering on the IC's - it has worked great...   But perhaps they finally went bad - But I didn't notice any convergeance issues lately - and the set once and a while just went out...  But now it won't go back on.

 I will take your advice and check it out...   I should replace both IC's

Worldwin - Tom T
I replaced both of the

I replaced both of the convergeance IC's - and 2 - 5Amp 125V pica fuses - and the TV set now works great..

Thanks for your advice.

tina white
I have the same problem as

I have the same problem as Tom T. Worldwin .the TV sounds like its coming on and the green lite appers, then TV shuts off and the green lite. Can you help ?


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