JVC TH-C30 Fuse Problem

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JVC TH-C30 Fuse Problem

I recently got a jvc th-c30 dvd surround sound system. the first time I played a dvd it blew a fuse after just alittle bit. So I went and bought a couple fuses. I replaced the fuse and it instantly blew again. So I tried another fuse and  it lasted about two minutes and blew. I was wondering if there is anything to look at on the board to see if there is a short somewhere?

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We have the same problem wiht

We have the same problem wiht the c50.  We think it is a problem with the dvd player as we had some trays stuck.  Have you been able to resolve your problem?



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I have a TH-C30. I had the

I have a TH-C30. I had the same problem where the unit just stopped working - no standby light and no recognition of power at all. After checking this forum and another, I opened the unit, found the ceramic fuse where the power comes in and went to Radio Shack. They have a T1AL250V fuse pack that is a 1 amp, 250 volt, 5 X 20 mm SLOW BLOW glass fuse which is a better fuse for this common problem. Their RS number is 270-1063 and a pack of 4 costs about $3. Put new fuse in and the problem was solved.

The repair took minutes - 3 screws on the back and two screws on each side. Lift the cover from the back (it is slip-hinged on the front) and replace the ceramic fuse. It slips out with a little help and the new one snaps in place.

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thanks for the info, i'm

thanks for the info, i'm going to try this! I of course have the same problem as all of you with the fuse blowing...i think, well it's worth a try!

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I followed the instructions,

I followed the instructions, brought the fuses from Radio Shack and inserted the fuse, plug everything back exactly as it was, the reciever came back on, however when I tried to look as a DVD it will not display. I get a message on the reciever that begins reading and then it goes directly to DVD Menu and I can't get it to read the DVD at this point. I checked and everything is connected correctly, but I can't get it to read the DVD. Any ideas or solutions? I amlost don't know what to do!!!!!


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