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transistor help

Hoping someone can help me out. I have a damaged sony amp I'm repairing and the fried transistor is 2SC2785-FEK. I'm having problems replacing it and was wondering if anyone had a cross-reference or suitable substitute. Thanks

Thanks for the response. I

Thanks for the response. I did see those selling on ebay, however I thought the 3 letters behind 2sc2785 made a difference mine are FEK and all the ones on ebay are different.

Are you sure its not FET?If

Are you sure its not FET?If not it may be the manufactures mark,who made it.The data sheet can be down loaded from here
I couldnt find anything on FEK.Dont take my word for it but I think as long as the numbers match the specifications will most likely as well.

Lynn Blakely
Hi Randy & Evil: I looked for

Hi Randy & Evil: I looked for the answer to the suffix letters. Look at the link.
then download the pdf file. Notice the hfe listing near the bottom. It shows the
FE there. I believe the "K" is for the country of Origin. I tried to verify that but haven't found that yet. Anyway I agree with Randy it may not be critical in the application it is being used in.
Retired old tech, who doesn't have a perfect memory. LOL.


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