need hlp with my viewcam

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need hlp with my viewcam

i have a sharp viewcam model num vl-wd45oh when i try to record a number comes up in the view lens eoo7 it wont fast forward or rewind has anyone any advice please.

Larry Dillon
Thats a fault code that tells

Thats a fault code that tells you or the tech that theres a mechanical problem. One thing to try would be to remove the battery for a 12 to 24 hour period.  If that does not help, then the code means the microprocessor sent a command to the mode control IC, but the mode switch did not change  modes, so the mechanism is jammed, stuck, or the mode switch is bad. You can take it into a local camcorder repair shop or check out one online.  I have heard a few peeps I know have used all three of these.  Also without the right tools and jigs to work on this unit, its not advisable to even take it apart.  Or  Good Luck  Also let us know how you made out if you get it going.


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